To be smug Muslimah Stay Beautiful and trendy

AGE Ani Medina is not young anymore, two years will turn 60 years old. However, enthusiasm for the clothing-Islamic fashion is trendy and unique berciri still rage. Designer Clothing in Muslim Association (IPBM) Jabar it with designer-designer of younger age to create designs that "syar'i" but modis.

YEAR 1990, Muslimah veiled still very small. How berkerudungnya was not like now, is still very simple and conventional. Ani Medina view this fact as a challenge that should be answered. Thus, women who are happy to make this attempt, try to make Islamic clothing-clothing that is quite different. Then, he Pajang in the shop "Medina" belongs to the family. He was long in the store that not only sell equipment daily rituals of Islam, but also the equipment for the Hajj, by by-Hajj, and clothing Muslimah.

"I want the beautiful woman with a close busananya genitals," says designer Ani Medina, when found in the store, some time ago.

Although he initially aspire to be housewives and not a good menekuni field, but make it a reality with the desires of keukeuh. He saw in the recitation of didatanginya, they are only berbusana Muslim elders, fathers-fathers. Young mothers or young girls can be said that no one wear Muslim clothing. In pikirannya, wear clothing that rules according to the rules of Islam is an obligation that every Muslim should be.

"If the Muslim man is not difficult, but just for the mah woman is again," he said while in the store, some time ago.

Therefore, to make the women, especially mothers of young girls and teenagers, are to wear Islamic clothing, Ani try to make designs that can be received in the. The point, he wanted to create clothing-Islamic fashion is trendy, which is always up-to-date, can be used for each time. It's relaxed clothing, sports clothing and clothing-a little "wow" for the party to / invitation.

"Yes all the image of the Islamic fashion. Do not have to hunch that women wear Islamic clothing means or look old plebeian," said women's birth Yogyakarta 58 years ago.

Adult clothes

In the try-try, he created clothing-Islamic fashion for mature women. At the age of 44 years, he was pouring in pikirannya to lines of clothing be appropriate if the women Muslimah. "Sedikitlah, sekodi first, eh nyoba first," said the woman is white. Material is still common, and poliester cotton.

In fact the draft that he was a simple roasted peanut basin behavior. "Alhamdulillah the response was good Muslim women. So I add the spirit," said Ani who already wear Islamic since the age of 35 years.

Since it is, to pour cold water on the idea-idea is great. From day to day bertambahlah that decorate his stores in the Jln. Auto Iskandardinata Bandung that.

Not infrequently, it was late at night to sew. He is happy together since young. Even when a co-ed colleges and trade industry, he sew their own clothes-shirt.

Apparently the husband, Slamet Rukma, rather objection also seems to see his wife do not know the time, continue to sit in front of the sewing machine. "Not that purpose, Mr., Mrs. Muslimah be selling clothes but not their own must be sewn," Slamet said that during the interview accompanying his wife. However, Ani is a wife and mother should be more on the household.

Because the "protest" this is a year later Ani needle recruit three people to help realize design ideas.

That is, Ani always issue new ideas for clothing design islaminya. He saw around them to observe and menuangkannya ago in clothing design.

"Flowers-flowers, branches, leaves can be an inspiration to give me in detail on the design of clothing Muslimah," Ani said that typically Muslim clothing embroidery applications.

Many read-open and open internet is also a habit of Ani to enrich knowledge in the design.

Now, Ani already have a compact team in the fashion-clothing islaminya. "There are still five people, including four in the sewer," said Ani is married since decided to leave work at a bank. If you order a lot, he will give the order to tailor other.

Slamet, the husband always supports the activities of Ani. However, if you see the wife is too busy, he will be reminded that Ani may brake the tiring activities. "What are you looking for?" It always say that on the wife.

Because fashion-clothing works preferred some of Ani, the order was not limited to people from Bandung. Some areas have been requesting clothing-Islamic fashion Ani, for example, Cirebon, Tangerang, Banten, even outside Java, such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Irian. The buyer is fully submit clothing designs to Ani.

Besides in Indonesia, clothing, clothing design Ani had penetrated to Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

To maintain the exclusivity clothing for the middle to top of this, Ani restrict only one model made in 3 different sizes.

On the IPBM

To add perspective and expand relations, signed in 2002, membership of the Association of Ani Designer Clothing Muslim (IPBM) West Java who initiated the designer Iva Lativah, Ernie Kosasih, and Herman Nuary. IPBM have the vision and mission, more or less the same as Ani, the image of Islam through the Islamic clothing syar'i but modis.

Until now, Ani is on hold in the organization who has not long to celebrate this day that happens to-12. In each presentation conducted APPMI clothing, Ani always follow fashion-show fashion his work. Not only in Bandung, but in Jakarta it is also often participate in the fashion-clothing design. Has not been this long, he was invited to share some members of the Association of Fashion Designer and Indonesia (APPMI) the Muslim fashion designer fashion show in Jakarta.

In Milad-12 to Jabar IPBM the horizon in the Hotel Bandung, 10 September Ani was the clothes-clothes that use the application in some parts of batik clothing, such as peripheral arms etc.. Previously, he hesitated to join a month ago because the performance is still busy fulfilling orders.

"Preparing for the fashion presentation takes some time, about three months because no markets. Idea but have a lot of work," said Ani demon that can also prepare the presentation.

Ani really do not want to impose anything that can not dikerjakannya, including the opportunity for the fashion-busananya. She wanted to show that the maximum work.

"I never ngoyo for anything, including mold ideas. However, that does not mean static. I always try to give the favors given by God, continue to strive with memaknainya as closely as possible," said the mother of Sandiaji, Afni Utami, and Ilman Bakti. The three children that follow the mother and father to be self-employed.

At the age of not more young Ani will continue to work, create clothing-Islamic fashion. "In order for Muslim women is no longer awkward wearing clothes according to the Syariat religion. They are still beautiful and appear memesona with busananya," he said.

Alternative Style Islamic Clothing

Talking Islamic Clothing, surely not far from the range tunik and gamis. In fact, outside of the two types of Muslim clothing, many that can be used as a reference style.

Mengaplikasikannya is not difficult. Simply by using the formula padupadan's clothing is in your cupboard. For example, if you have a long-sleeve shirt, vest Pair it with a hammock, tie, trousers and pipes to get the look preppy look ala student dormitories. Meanwhile, when the feminine image that you want to hadirkan, simply wearing canal berpalet sweet on denim. Do not hesitate combines several colors at once to get a total different look. Solid-frontier is not only valid in the case of a combination of colors. Live select stores or places selling Islamic Clothing, if not in your clothing collection.

Various derivative Islamic Clothing also when combined can produce precisely the view that bait. Try it out tunik Pair length Vest with a pattern of plain white, wearing long skirt with volume, and be a people's unique style of the property so you hippies. As a sweetener, add a long necklace and wooden bangles. Also wearing sandals strap bersol even look to complete. Tunik could be one of the types of clothes that are easy dipadupadankan. And of course the selling model jilbab shopping can be a reference.

But not so with gamis. To memadukannya, requires a certain accuracy. Section, if not appropriately combined, united-border gamis will make users look "full". For women who want to wear clothes Clothingah Muslim or Islamic, can use the model jilbab patterns, etc.. Tempat jual jilbab can be selected according to your needs & keingnan.

Moslem Fashion that Fresh Forever

Veil, tunik, abaya and synonymous with Muslim clothing. United frontier is usually varied and easy to be a grip-style berbusana found as fast as in the days at this time.

Well, what happens when the game comes with bright colors, high collar accents, overlapping, modifications, veil, to a united frontier jacket and leather vest?

All the touch of clothing style is refreshing, among others, in the event mencuat Bali Fashion Week 2008, Bali, which took place a few days before Ramadan. Want to brighten holy month and the prestigious fashion event, the country, and Iva Latifah Boyonz Ilyas, presents the latest collection for Muslim clothing range.

Iva and Boyonz deliberately to bring Muslim clothes with style and a more colorful and full of cultural eksotika nature of Indonesia, without leaving the element or elements of religion.

See 12 works of Muslim clothing Iva Latifah. Inspired by the history and value eksotika budayaIndonesia, clothing colors are the origin of this Bandung. Games bright colors such as red, orange, green, yellow, black and white to decorate the stage equipment in the park area at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana weekend last August.

Mengusung theme "Suede sensation," Iva Muslim Fashion collection presents a different, ie, women's casual-style with a feminine touch of nature eksotika Indonesia.

The designer who joined in the Association of Fashion Designer Indonesia is the fashion-clothing material with the Muslim organdi and sifon with a jacket or vest made of goat skin. The result, a jacket and leather vest with the bright colors look beautiful and modern impression when combined with long clothes.

To show Indonesian culture, sablonan motives traditional design also stain clothes. "This collection is the latest, I tried to Muslim clothing with different materials (skin). The beautiful woman is also charged," said Iva.

Clothing no less enthralling also appear by Boyonz. Selecting material from batik, Boyonz the 10 Muslim clothing, and two Muslim clothing.

Clothing with a snippet of wide, overlapping, and high-collar style coloring Kaftan collection Boyonz for Muslim clothing. While clothing for Muslims, he is subordinate to the glove-like with long-sleeve shirt.

Boyonz the basic colors of batik, such as the brown color with a bold, such as green, orange, white to color, so it looks more modern. In addition, the accent form a broad arms, arms balloon, and the belt is also added to the clothing design.

Do not stop with the creation-nan modern creation, and also turn Boyonz veil that is usually just a cloth, such as a hat with a wide cloth or beads that formed dibalutkan funny hats.

Through material batiknya, Boyonz want to show the public that Muslims are not always dressed up with identical style Middle East. He says, "Clothing is not a Muslim, always identical with the Arabs, we can also create through batik." *Moslem Wear*

Israel phosphorus bombs kill Palestinian woman

A Palestinian woman died a martyr and 50 other injured in baldah Khazaah east of Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip in the middle of Saturday night (10 / 1) after the Israeli army attacked them with bomb-phosphorus bombs. This bomb spread of white smoke, gas and causes victims asphyxiate.

Medical sources said that a Infopalestina to residents hanan Palestinian woman named Fathi Najjar (41) died after a rocket hit fraction of the phosphorus explosive attack at her home east of Khan Yunis and four other family members injured as a result of the rocket fraction ledak phosphorus.

Sources said that dozens of injured victims arrived at the hospital after they were experiencing shortness of breath. Dr. Risyh Abu Yusuf, the head of the medical hospital in the Nasher, dozens of injured victims arrived because the gas consumed that can not be identified until sekrang.

He called to all the victims affected by this gas to use a cloth and water drabble mengurangin the influence of gas is.

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